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  • The patent pending design of the Baton Grip Light improves weapon retention by creating a raised barrier on the end portion of an expandable baton to keep the baton in the user’s hand when conducting strikes.
  • The light produced by the Baton Grip Light is strong enough to work as a back up light for law enforcement purposes and is strong enough to effectively illuminate through heavy window tinting.
  • Each Baton Grip Light includes a Photon Micro-Light ® made by LRI, the leader in micro light technology. This small but powerful light features an easy to use, squeeze on/off activation switch with replaceable batteries. With a durable, water resistant casing, the Photon Micro-Light has a visibility of over one mile and a 12+ hour burn time.
  • The incorporated LED light is powerful enough to serve as a backup light or to temporarily blind or disorient subjects.
  • The Baton Grip Light does not add any length to an expandable baton in the open or closed position. Other light attachments made for expandable batons are screwed into the end of the baton, and can add up to three inches of length, making the baton more uncomfortable to carry and difficult to conceal. The Baton Grip Light is designed to attach to the handle portion of the baton by making use of the extra space on the end portion of the baton’s handle.
  • The Photon Micro-Light included can be quickly removed and replaced for easy battery replacement. These incredible lights are available in several colors.
  • Made from a durable plastic material, the Baton Grip Light is lightweight and strong enough to withstand the rigors of law enforcement work.
  • All Baton Grip Lights are proudly made and assembled in Denver, CO. The Photon Micro Light made by LRI is also made in the USA with US and foreign parts.
  • The Baton Grip Light was developed for law enforcement and security personnel by a former federal law enforcement agent and police officer.