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The Elite Sterling Security Team

ESS has assembled a diverse team of professionals dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and customer service to our global clientele who are seeking superior specialized personal protection solutions.

zabadneAJ Zabadne – President/CEO

Mr. Zabadne founded Elite Sterling Security, LLC with a view to providing superior personal protection apparel to both individuals and organizations in need of the latest ballistic-resistance technology. Leveraging nearly 30 years of international business experience in the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, across numerous industries including Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism, Airport Security, Telecommunications Consultancy, Diplomatic Logistics Travel, International Airline Management Consultancy, Executive Security Protection Vehicles, and in the field of Medical Dental Industry.

timTimothy W. Hogan

Mr. Hogan comes to ESS with a background in accounting, finance, and international relations and with experience both as a small business owner and working in Fortune 300 and Fortune 100 companies. He has traveled extensively around the world, serving in advisory capacities for political and religious leaders and has appeared internationally on numerous television programs and pod cast interviews. Mr. Hogan has also published five books and speaks regularly to different groups around the world.

walidWalt J. Zabadne
Marketing and Lead Management

Mr. Zabadne comes with a strong business background. Having with him certification from Cambridge University in Business Management. Mr. Zabadne has been well acquainted in marketing and lead management from past experience and knowledge. Now working with his father AJ Zabadne, at Elite Sterling Security he brings with him a strong mind set in helping costumers seek their needs and wants in ballistic apparel.