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4 to 6 weeks due to each item being tailor made. We strive for quality control.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the specialized bullet resistant clothing offered by Elite Sterling Security different from other ballistic protection apparel?
 A: Elite Sterling Security is the premier Authorized Seller for the Miguel Caballero exclusive line of personal ballistic protection apparel. Using the latest ballistic-resistant materials and proprietary hydrostatic shock dispersal technology, we are able to offer cutting edge ballistic protection in comfortable, stylish apparel.

Q: What protection levels are available with your concealable body armor products?

A: The products we offer come with National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Protection Levels II through IV. Most items come in several ranges of protection, giving our clients flexibility in choosing their personal protection solutions. Please see the chart below for specific protection level details. Our ballistic panels are certified by the NIJ, as well as by numerous other international certifying agencies.

Q; Isn’t ballistic protection clothing or “body armor” hot and uncomfortable?

A: In many cases, this is true. However, the personal protection apparel offered by Elite Sterling Security has been designed specifically with comfort and ease of wear in mind. The interiors of our apparel are constructed using the latest in thermo-regulating technology, which balances the clothing’s ambient temperature between 55.4 F and 62.6 F, thus regulating the body’s temperature.

Q: Doesn’t perspiration damage ballistic material?

A: Yes, it can. To prevent such damage, Miguel Caballero encapsulates all its ballistic panels in a protective waterproof material.

Q: How do I clean my personal protection apparel?

A: All our garments allow for the ballistic panels to be easily removed to allow the garment to be laundered or dry cleaned.  The ballistic panels should never be laundered, dry cleaned, nor come into contact with harsh cleaning chemicals or caustic agents.  If a panel requires cleaning, please consult the Instructions that accompany each garment.

Q: Isn’t ballistic protection clothing or “body armor” stiff and heavy?

A: Traditionally, yes. However, the personal protection apparel offered by Elite Sterling Security is not only very flexible, it is lightweight as well.

Q: What materials are used for the garments?

A: The garments offered by Elite Sterling Security are constructed of the highest quality materials, both natural and synthetic. From the fine Italian leather for some of our outerwear jackets to 100% cotton for our “bullet proof” poloshirts to cutting edge synthetic for sports wear. Miguel Caballero takes pride in offering both exceptional protection using superior materials.

Q: What about style? I appreciate the technology which offers a high level of protection, but can these garments be worn every day?

A: Style and utility are key factors in the Miguel Caballero lines offered by Elite Sterling Security. Our men’s and women’s garments are tailored to exacting standards, with special attention given to the detailing and finishes. The ballistic protection does not interfere with the basic utility of the garment. Our apparel offers the features one would expect in any finely tailored garment: luxurious linings, inside pockets, heavily stitched buttons and closures, high quality hardware, removable insulated linings on outdoor sports apparel, and personalization.

Additionally, Elite Sterling Security can provide custom, bespoke tailored personal protection apparel by consulting with our clients tailor or designer. Whether a client is in need of casual, business, formal, or professional/military attire, our personal account managers can coordinate the creation of unique, tailored ballistic protection attire to meet your needs.

Q; What colors are available?

A: Our clothing is available in a wide variety of stylish colors. Please refer to our products pages for our color swatches.

Q: If I order a garment today, how long will it take to arrive?

A: Delivery time depends on availability. The individual attention given to each garment precludes “stockpiling” products. We carry many items in stock, other must come from the factory. For standard ballistic protection attire, we make every effort to get the items into the client’s hands in between 4 to 6 weeks. For custom, bespoke items or for special projects items, delivery times will be discussed during your consultation with our personal account managers.

Q: What if I am not happy with my purchase?

A: We at Elite Sterling Security want to make every effort to ensure our clients are more than satisfied. We are have staff dedicated to individual customer care. If there is an issue with a purchase, we will consult with the client to determine the concern. If, after the consultation, the client wishes to return the garment, we will happily do so, provided the garment is undamaged.
There will be a restocking fee associated with this return.
Should the client wish to exchange a garment for a different size or color, or for an entirely different garment, our personal account managers will work with the client to facilitate the exchange.
Custom, bespoke items cannot be returned, given the custom nature of their manufacture.

Q: How can I be sure my bullet resistant garment will fit properly?

A: Proper fit is very important when selecting bullet resistant clothing or concealable body armor. You may consult our Sizing Chart below or ask to speak with one of our Personal Account Managers.