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Bullet Resistant Clothing with Style and Comfort

Elite Sterling Security, LLC is the Authorized U.S. Distributor for the Miguel Caballero line of exclusive ready-to-wear and custom personal ballistic (or bullet resistant clothing) solutions for Corporate and Governmental Executive Leadership, as well as military, security, rescue, and law enforcement.

Using proprietary bullet resistant materials and concealable body armor technology, coupled with a proprietary hydrostatic shock dispersal technology, we are able to offer bullet resistant clothing and concealable body armor solutions that are fashionable, comfortable, unobtrusive, and discrete.


Whether selecting one of the unique ready-to-wear designs from our line of bullet resistant fashions for daily wear (like our “bullet proof” t-shirt), or choosing our bespoke apparel – custom fitted to satisfy the customer’s needs for tailored business or formal attire – each item is manufactured to the highest structural and protection standards, with a focus on strength, safety, comfort, and style.

While Elite Sterling Security is dedicated to providing the finest ballistic protection apparel to our clients to assist them in satisfying their security needs, we also understand that our clients may have broader demands. To that end, Elite Sterling Security is proud to partner with Abila Security & Investigations, Inc., a provider of world-class domestic and international security and investigative services to all areas of government, corporate, and private sectors.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to our site and find our unique line of products appealing.  We are currently loading the new 2013 Collections at limited introductory prices, so please check back to see new items!

For information on purchasing or if you have any questions or require assistance in locating a personal protection solution that meets your needs, please contact us at: [email protected]

Thank you!

The Elite Sterling Security Team